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These materials represent a series of news clipping books dating from 1956-1970. Some books contain other materials from the Health Science Center, such as invitations, newsletters, parking permits, and other materials. The clippings were not arranged in chronological order in the books. Clippings were removed from the books, and the originals placed in file folders.
Newspaper Clipping Book 1 1958
This box contains clippings from the year 1958. Many of the articles are concerned with the completion of the Shands Teaching Hospital and Clinics, as well as the hospital’s opening on October 20, 1958. Several other articles include details on Nancy Sue Smith, the first patient at the Hospital and on Mrs. J. Hillis Miller cutting the ribbon announcing the opening of the Hospital. Other key topics covered in these clippings include: staff appointments made at the Health Center, Introduction of a degree in Health Related Services, Makeup of the maternity ward, the outpatient clinic and the ambulatory wing in the hospital, Area Disaster Plan, Design of the Nursing School and other departments and programs, and the modern equipment and advanced methods adopted by the different departments within the Health Center.
Newspaper Clipping Book 2 1957-1958
This Box contains newspaper clippings on several events pertaining to the Health Center and its growth. Several articles are included on the first Dean of the College of Medicine Dr. George T. Harrell and the Provost of the Health Center Dr. Russell S. Poor. Visiting speakers and conventions that UF faculty members attended are covered, as well as research done by Thomas H. Maren. Articles covering the Construction of the Hospital, the Enrollment of Medical Students, the awards and scholarships given to the medical students and the grants given to the Health Center as a whole are included. The Appointment of Faculty members and the honors they received, as well as the positions obtained by many women are present, and several articles deal with the expansion of Medicine in Florida, the retirement of Senator Shands, growth at UF and the Short Course.
Newspaper Clipping Book 3 1962
This box contains clippings with information regarding student and faculty awards, the VA Hospital, Dr. Richard T. Smith, the Blood Bank, Diabetes Camp, UF women in Medicine, research on snake venom, grants and donations to various groups, Herbert Kaufman and the Herpes Simplex Virus, the hospital, Christmas in the Hospital, the eye bank, Frances Kelsey and Thalidomide, Sleep research, transplants and the opening of the chapel.
Newspaper Clipping Book 4 1959-1960
This box contains clippings with information about several happenings throughout the Health Center.   Several articles focus on Harry Prystowski being named one of the top 10 men of the year, and Esther Menita Langston being accepted as the first African-American in the College of Medicine.   There are also several articles containing details on the visit of Russian Officials to the Health Center.   Several clippings cover the future of women in health care, the building of the Pharmacy Wing, the dedication of the hospital and the tropical medicine study at the hospital.   In terms of research, several passages contain information on pre-natal research, cancer research, arthritis and Rheumatism, alcoholism, venom and Tuberculosis.   The successful open heart surgery performed on Cheryl Ann Duncan is covered in great detail, as is the accreditation of the medical school and the proceedings of the mental health unit.   Grants and faculty appointments are also listed.  
Newspaper Clipping Book 5 1961
This box contains several articles on grants given to the Health Center. Many of these grants were given for Cancer Research. The accomplishments of women in medicine and the opening of the College of Pharmacy are the topic of several of the articles. Other clippings contain information on Dr. George T. Harrell, the expansion of Health Care, Health care funding, open heart surgery, the VA Hospital and Christmas of 1961.
Newspaper Clipping Book 6  1964
This box contains newspaper clippings publisizing the Building of the VA Hospital, Dr. Herbert Kaufman, the first baby born at Shands, faculty appointments, Thalidomide and Teratology, research and funding and Dr. Harrell leaving for Pennsylvania.
Newspaper Clipping Book 7 1962-1963
This scrapbook contains reprinted published articles, information on public rewards and editorial recognition, workshops, career day, and traditional Public Relations Activities.
Newspaper Clipping Book 8 1969-1970
This box contains articles with information on faculty appointments and honors, nursing, the expansion of Medical Education, budget problems at the hospital, the 10 th anniversary of the hospital, Parking, Dr. Cade's experiments, employee salaries, parking and Edmund Ackell.
Newspaper Clipping Book 9 1962
This box contains articles describing several occurrences from the year 1962 including:   the growth of UF, commencement, making telescopes, the formation of the eye bank, accomplishments of Darrell Mase, Lester Dragstedt, Charles William Pruitt, Jr. and George W. Corrick, the resignation of Dr. Poor, growth of the library, formation of the college of Pharmacy, Diabetes Camp, the hiring of candy stripers, the appointment of Allen Skaggs, civil defense, cancer research, and Dr. Kaufman's cure for Herpes simplex.
Newspaper Clipping Book 10 1956
This box contains newspaper clippings providing information on the beginnings of the Health Center.   Such topics include:   the appointment of Dr. Ed Woodward, the arrival of cardiac catheterization equipment, the annual graduate short course and seminars, the departments within the College of Medicine, Grants, Nerve Cell and Cancer Research, Dedication of the Health Center, the first class of Medical Students, women in medical school and finally, George Harrell's vision of the Medical School.  
Newspaper Clipping Book 11 1960-1962
-Picture of the J. Hillis Miller Health Center Exhibit shown at the Florida State Fair in Tampa
-Parking Permits
-Information for Parents Booklet
-Patient Information Booklets
-Good Morning/Afternoon Newsletters
-Birth Certificates
-Questionnaire Results
-Emergency Parking Permit
-Employee Recruitment Flyer
-Referral Information Card
-Pamphlet-Transferal of Bodies and Records to Morticians
-College of Medicine catalog 1961-1962
-Program for Orientation for All Employees
-Paper written by W. H. Kerns, head, Office of Health Center Relations for the Malcolm T. MacEachern Contest.
-Pamphlet-College of Health Related Services
-Letter from a patient at the University of Michigan Hospital
-“The Capsule” Week of April 10
-“The Capsule” Week of May 15
-The Department of Psychiatry Book
-Note Paper
-“The Focus”-Newsletters and Information
-A Guide: Better Hospital Press Relations
-What’s Up Doc? Memo Pad
-Reprint from the Football Program on the Health Center’s Educational Philosophy
-Newspaper Clippings on the Unveiling of Shands Portraits
-Shands Portrait: Newspaper Clippings
-Invitation to the Portrait Unveiling of Senator W.A. Shands
-Program for the Unveiling and presentation of the Portrait of Senator W.A. Shands
-Unusual Patient Stories: Article on a Battery Powered Heart
-Unusual Patient Stories: Suwannee County triplets
-Rare Serum Articles
-Features: 10 Students serve as volunteers in Occupational Therapy Program, Gainesville daily Sun
-Article: Wearing Looms Aid in Caring for UF Center’s Handicapped
-“It was Quite a Package” Article
-Article: Keeping in Touch
-Article: “Hurricane Donna wouldn’t have caught Universities Teaching Hospital Unprepared
-Article: “Sun Spots”
-Article: “UF Clinic Notes 2nd Anniversary
-The New York Times Article: “More Medical Schooling for the South
-Article: ‘They Rebuild People…And Lives”
-Article: Jordan Warns of Medical Center Budget Cuts
-Leak Stories: Medical Center to Present Bright Picture in Budget Bid
-Reaction Stories: “UF Officials Deny Hospital Costs Excessive”
-Reaction Stories: “UF Hospital’s Charges to State for Crippled Children Care Hit
-Article: “New Tracheometry Device is Invented by Nurse at UF Teaching Hospital”
-Article: “UF Teaching Hospital Gets Commedation”
-Article: “UF Hospital Hurt by Charity Cases”
-Article: “Health Center Saves 350,000 Dollars; Best in Two Years”
-Articles on West Berliner’s Studying at UF
-Article: “Hospital Blast Hazard is Topic”
-Article: “Volunteers get Caps at Teaching Hospital”
-Article: Play Activity for Children at UF Hospital is Planned
Newspaper Clipping Book 12 1954-1955
This book contains newspaper clippings dealing with the following topics and events in the Health Center's History:   Heart Treatment, the opening of the Manatee Health Center, UF's theory of medical training, Charles Pruitt, Faculty appointments, Dr. Poor, Tuberculosis Control, the rehabilitation program, Air Conditioning for the Health Center, warnings against miracle drugs, workshops, the laying of the cornerstone for the medical sciences building, legislation, budget and funds, the mental health program, Health center contract cancellation and rebidding, planning and construction of the Health Center, George T. Harrell, and the criticism of Guy Fulton for cost errors.
Newspaper Clipping Book 13 1965
This box contains newspaper clippings providing information on events from the year 1965.   Such topics include:   Accreditation of the hospital, Bidding for the Human Development Center, study of birth defects, William T. Cobb, the CRASHED system (Coded Recipes for Automated Selective Hospital Expanded Diets), the funding for the Dental School, Diabetes Camp, teenage researcher Susan Dye, faculty appointments, Jack Funderburck, Grants, groundbreaking for the human development center, Hartnup disease, Heart research, and the naming of the teaching hospital after Senator Shands.   This box also holds information on the following people:   William T. Cobb, Susan Dye, Jack Funderburk, Lemuel Russell Jordan, Dr. Herbert E. Kaufman, Dr. Samuel P. Martin, Dr. Warren E. McConnell, Nell Miller, Richard Schmidt, Richard Smith, Emmanuel Suter, Sue Weldon, and Dr. James G. Wilson.
Newspaper Clipping Book 14 1960s
This box contains newspaper articles from the 1960's regarding several happening around the university.   Several articles contain information about student rallies and protests against Governor Kirk.   Also, the Gatorade controversy is covered along with the inauguration of Stephen C. O'Connell as President.   The death of Robert Kennedy is covered.  
Newspaper Clipping Book 15 1958
This box contains articles beginning in the year 1958 regarding events around the Health Center.   Articles covering seminars and courses are included and Dr. T. Z. Cason and his desire to create the short Course are covered.   Also included are articles regarding ambulatory care, the opening of the teaching hospital, public relations for the Medical Center, hospital Operation, the Opening of the Shands Teaching Hospital and Clinics, the opening of the College of Health Related Professions, mental care, health needs of senior citizens, staphylococcus and Tuberculosis, and letters from Dr. Harrell regarding the opening of the Teaching Hospital.

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